Roanoke Valley Local Food Plan

Thank you for your interest in the Roanoke Valley Local Food Plan! This page will provide ongoing updates regarding public outreach for this effort.

The Roanoke Valley Local Food Plan is pursuing a three part approach to initial public input. We will be surveying farmers (as well as relying on previous facilitated farmer opinions gathered by LEAP for Local Food) to get the farmer perspective. We’ll be surveying consumers online and in person around the Valley. And we will be reaching out direction to stakeholders working actively in the food system such as restaurants, nonprofits, and educators to get their perspective on what we can do to improve the local food system. We welcome your participation! For any questions, please email Amanda McGee at

Consumer Survey – Open until June 21stTake the Consumer Survey Here!

The Consumer Survey is designed to capture preliminary data about food purchasing habits in the Roanoke Valley and how we can improve access and distribution of local food in our area.

Farmer Survey – Open until May 30th

Click here to take the Farmer Survey