Improve SAFETY for pedestrians. More people are seen walking in the Roanoke Valley because they feel safe due to new infrastructure which makes walking safer for people.




Responsible Parties



Performance Measures

1Construct hard surface walking facilities where many people need/want to walk.-Developers of new developments
-Local Government (Planning and Engineering staff)
-VDOT (Planning and Engineering staff)
More linear feet of hard surface walking facilities.More people walk.(3.2) Number of Pedestrians by Location
(3.3) Number of Greenway Users by Location
(8.1) # and % of residents who walk to work
(New) Linear feet of public walkways (sidewalks and paved greenways) constructed in Multimodal Centers
(New) Linear feet of public walkways constructed in Multimodal Districts
(New) Linear feet of public walkways that provide a connection between Multimodal Districts
2Maintain pedestrian infrastructure including walking facilities, pedestrian signals, crosswalks, etc.-Local Governments (Traffic Engineering staff)
-VDOT (???)
Existing pedestrian infrastructure in good working order and upgraded to accommodate the mobility needs of people with disabilities.People are able to use existing infrastructure without difficulty.(2.10) Annual pedestrian fatalities
(2.11) Annual pedestrian injuries
(New) Total number of curb ramps
3Install crosswalks, pedestrian signals, and pedestrian safety signage at identified locations, particularly within multimodal districts and centers.– Local Governments(Planning and Traffic Engineering staff)
-VDOT (???)
Marked pedestrian crossings with clear indications on when and where pedestrians are expected to cross the street.People feel comfortable crossing the street.(New) Total number of crosswalks
(New) Total number of pedestrian signals
4Install lighting along sidewalks, at crosswalks, and public transit stops.-Developers of new developments
-Local Governments (Traffic Engineering Staff)
-VDOT (???)
-Valley Metro
Greater visibility in the dark where pedestrians walk and wait.-More people feel comfortable walking in the dark
-No crimes due to lack of visibility.
(New) Number of public transit stops with nearby lighting.
5Provide ADA landing pads at public transit stops.-Developers of new developments
-Valley Metro
-Local Governments (Traffic Engineering Staff)
-VDOT (???)
Number of public transit stops that have an ADA accessible place to wait.All public transit stops are ADA accessible; people with disabilities have a safe place to wait at public transit stops. (New) Number of ADA accessible public transit stops.
6 Provide ADA accessible routes from nearby local streets to public transit stops.-Developers of new developments
-Local Governments (Traffic Engineering Staff)
-VDOT (???)
Number of public transit stops that have a safe walking connection to nearby streets.All public transit stops have a connection to a nearby street; people with disabilities have a safe place to travel from a stop to a nearby local street.(New) Number of public transit stops connected to a public walkway.
7 Educate pedestrians and drivers about laws, use of the road, etc.-RideSolutions
-VDOT (???)
-Local Law Enforcement
Campaigns and material distributed to educate pedestrians and drivers.Pedestrians cross the road at marked locations; drivers yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.(2.10) Annual Pedestrian Fatalities
(2.11) Annual Pedestrian Injuries
8 Work with schools and parents to enable students to walk to school.-Safe Routes to School plans written
-Safe Routes to School events held at schools.
More students walk to school.
9 Provide Crossing Patrols at schools where needed.Schools All schools that need crossing patrols have them.Students feel comfortable crossing the street near schools.
10 Implement adopted local and state pedestrian accommodation policies and street design guidelines, which provide information on buffer distances between pedestrian facilities and vehicle travel lanes, sidewalk width, etc.-Local Governments (Engineering and Traffic Engineering Staff)
-VDOT (???)
Pedestrian facilities designed to reflect the suggested width, separation from vehicle traffic, etc.More people walking because the design of the pedestrian facility creates a comfortable place to walk.
11 Identify high crime areas and address public concerns about the safety of walking.-Local Governments (Planning Staff)
-Local Law Enforcement
Meetings with neighborhood groups regarding safety of walking.Citizens in high crime areas feel safe walking in their neighborhood.
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