Create a region where ACTIVE LIFESTYLES are the norm because our land use decisions and investment in pedestrian infrastructure complement each other and enable a natural tendency for people to walk every day. As a result, people feel healthier, more socially-connected and happy living and working in the Roanoke Valley.



Responsible Parties



Performance Measures

1Revise Subdivision/Zoning Ordinances to encourage or require pedestrian facilities be constructed along with new development within or between Multimodal Districts as recommended in this Pedestrian Vision Plan.-Local Governments (Zoning and Development Review Staff)
-VDOT (???)
New developments in and near to Multimodal Districts are built with pedestrian infrastructure along roads and connected to buildings.People are able to walk to new developments within or near current or future Multimodal Districts.(New) Inventory of language in local ordinances that include requirements for building pedestrian facilities in places where it has been identified that people will need or want to walk along public roadways or to provide a connection with adjacent land parcels.
2Include pedestrian improvements in project budgets for roadway projects that include federal funding (should a part of the normal budget and not considered as an extra or special project).-Local Governments
-VDOT (???)
Pedestrian accommodations are always considered and commonly included in roadway projects in the MPO area, per the recommendations of this Plan.People in the Roanoke Valley are more able to walk to places because the region’s roadway projects have included accommodations for pedestrians.(New) # and % of construction projects in the Transportation Improvement Program that include pedestrian accommodations.
3Develop incentives for existing businesses within Multimodal Districts to build pedestrian facilities.Local Governments (Planning, Stormwater, and Economic Development Staff)-Incentives for building pedestrian facilities.
-Missing pedestrian facilities are constructed on existing developments.
More people in Multimodal Districts are able to walk to nearby places.(3.2) Number of Pedestrians by Location
4 Create bike and car sharing programs.RideSolutionsBikes and cars are available for a reasonable hourly fee at convenient locations for short trips within the region.In many places, people don’t need to own a bike or car and as a result are walking more because when needed, they have the option to use a bike or car.Existence of bike and car share programs.
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