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Virginia Business Ready Expedited Permitting Program; established. Establishes the Virginia Business Ready Expedited Permitting Program and directs the Virginia Economic Development Partnership Authority to designate up to three sites and seven projects for participation in the Program. Such sites shall be either (i) sites eligible for a site development grant as part of the Virginia Business Ready Sites Program or (ii) projects with significant local, regional, or statewide economic impact that have been approved by the local governing body following a public hearing or submitted by resolution to be considered for the Program. No more than two such sites may be designated within one locality per year. The Authority shall complete a review process within 45 days of designating a site to reduce permitting conflicts and provide relevant guidance to applicants. Any application for a permit or request for approval associated with a designated site shall be evaluated within 180 days. The bill has a delayed effective date of January 1, 2025.

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