Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission Media Coverage 1990-present

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Billy W. Martin, Sr named first-vice president of the VAPDC Independent Messenger 8/8/2010
Save-a-ton launches partnership programRoanoke Times 8/13/2012
Turn those gray skys blue Roanoke Times 8/3/2012
Editorial: A community action plan for broadband Roanoke Times, 6/3/2012
Study cites need for more broadband in the Roanoke region Roanoke Times 5/31/2012
Study: Valley’s fiber optic delivery should be treated as public utility WFIR, 5/30/ 2012
Roanoke area business leaders, governments teaming up to improve broadband WDBJ7 5/31/2012


Partnership for a Livable Roanoke Valley officially formed. Roanoke Star-Sentinel, 11/17/2011
Clifton Forge Council Adopts Water Plan. Virginian Review 10/26/2011
Save a Ton campaign offers energy saving tips. WDBJ 10/26/2011
Localities unite for energy-savings initiative. Roanoke Times 10/26/2011
Roanoke, New River Valleys launch “Save a Ton” to conserve energy. WSLS 10/26/2011
Waiting for transportation salvation. Roanoke Times 10/23/2011
Transportation has no quick fix, experts say. Roanoke Times, 10/20/2011 (YouTube Video of session)
Town approves water supply plan Franklin News Post, 10/17/2010
A fiber-optic conundrum for Roanoke Roanoke Times, 8/21/2011
Roanoke-Lynchburg Shuttle Service Now Operating WSET 8/15/2011
Working as a region on storm water Roanoke Times 8/2/2011
Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission receives excellence in regional transportation award. Roanoke Times 7/21/2011
Air quality alert issued fro Roanoke area on Friday. WDBJ 7/22/2011
Inagural bus connector service from Roanoke to Lynchburg draws riders WSLS 7/19/2011
Bold bike racks in Roanoke area show functionality, too. Roanoke Times 7/14/2011
New study says the Roanoke region is the ideal place for more outdoor businesses. WDBJ, 7/14/2011
Group will study what we like, dislike about region. Roanoke Times 7/12/2011
RideSolutions honors local bicycle advocates. Roanoke Times 7/6/2011
Roanoke Combines Art With Biking WSET 7/1/2011
Artistic bike rack unveiling in Roanoke rescheduled Roanoke Times 6/28/2011
Air quality alert issued for Roanoke area on Friday WDBJ 6/22/2011
AECOM named “Cleanest Team” by RIDE Solutions. Roanoke Times 6/17/2011
River Festival a chance to highlight all things greenway and outdoors Roanoke Star-Sentinel 5/19/2011
Have you made the pledge to take the Clean Commute Challenge WDBJ 5/20/2011
Want to commute? There are gas-saving options. Roanoke Times, 5/22/2011
Clean Commute kicks off with Rocky Mount Breakfast. Roanoke Times, 5/3/2011
Roanoke Region prepares for Bike Month in May. Roanoke Times, 4/12/2011
RideSolutions challenges drivers to Commute Clean Fridays in May. Roanoke Times 4/1/2011
Dabney S. Lancaster Community College partners with RIDE Solutions Roanoke Times 3/22/2011
We can keep costs down when gas prices go up. Roanoke Times 3/12/2011
Non-Profit Helps Ease Pain at the Pump. WSET, 3/7/2011
Upgrades to improve S.W. Va. highways. Roanoke Times 2/9/2011
Simpler name a must for new bus. Roanoke Times, 1/28/2011
Connector bus could bring people from Roanoke to Lynchburg train station. WSLS 1/4/2011
Study: Roanoke/Lynchburg Bus Route Feasible. WSET 1/4/2011


Recent local earmarks went to flood reduction, horseshoe crabs. WSLS, 10/30/2010
RideSolutions, River Laker, and chocalatepaper reward bicycle commuters Roanoke Times, 11/15/2010
Passenger rail service exceeds expectations in Lynchburg. WSLS 11/18/2010
Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission wins national transportation award (story 2). Roanoke Times 11/1/2010
Bus service from Roanoke area to Kemper Street station studied. WSLS 10/17/2010
Does regional cooperation matter? Roanoke Times 10/18/2010
Grant will help regional planning efforts. Roanoke Times, 10/16/2010
Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission receives $625,000 planning grant. Roanoke Times 10/15/2010
Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission wins national transportation award. Roanoke Times 10/14/2010
Roanoke’s Higher Education Center boosts valley’s economy. Roanoke Times, 10/8/2010
Roanoke Higher Ed Center guages economic impact WDBJ 10/7/2010
Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission creates “volunteer” green audit. WSLS 9/14/2010
Building on Biosciences Roanoke Times 9/5/2010
Fact Check: Arts Study brings in $11.5 million. WSLS 8/25/2010
Study paints picture of dollars and cents. WDBJ 8/24/2010
Books and Talks Calendar. Roanoke Times, 8/9/2010
Do you really want to hurt BP? Roanoke Times 7/5/2010
Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission issues regional report. Roanoke Times 6/30/2010
Bad-air days holding off Roanoke Times 6/25/2010
Organization fosters greener transit. Roanoke Times 6/14/2010
RideSolutions part of Botetourt’s first Environmental Expo Roanoke Times, 6/7/2010
Free bicycle friendly business workshop to be held May 20. Roanoke Times, 5/7/2010
More opinions on Roanoke regional growth Blue Ridge Business Journal/Roanoke Times 3/8/2010
Regional Commission awarded $277,000 to start energy efficiency program. Roanoke Times 3/3/2010
Coming up with a strategic plan for Troutville. Roanoke Times 2/5/2010
Ride Solutions nears thousandth participant. Main Street Newspapers 1/4/2010
New EPA guidelines could put Roanoke in ozone violation Roanoke Times 1/08/2010


Route 419 revamp being studied Cave Spring Connection 12/14/09
VDOT study team to present recommendations for Route 419 corridor. WSLS 11/17/2009
Downtown development needn’t cause a parking nightmare. Roanoke Times 11/7/2009
Editorial: A gallop for the greenway Roanoke Times 9/28/09
Roanoke’s greenway may get an infusion of green Roanoke Times 9/25/09
Roanokers Urged to Support Cycling and Pedestrian Week Roanoke Star Sentinel 9/11/09
Clean Commute Day is Friday in Roanoke WDBJ7 5/12/09
Friday’s ‘Clean Commute’ turning into a happening Roanoke Times 5/13/09
Don your helmet for a clean commute Roanoke Times 5/10/09
Workshop held for Route 419 corridor planning study Roanoke Times 4/27/2009
Meeting on future of Route 419 WSLS-10 4/21/09
Scenic beauty is a driver of economic plan Roanoke Times 2/27/09
Group offers free emergency rides for green commuters WFIR 2/26/09
Biker’s no fair-weather friend. Richmond Times Dispatch 2/10/2009
Locally based firm will cut 2000 jobs Richmond Times Dispatch 1/16/2009
Plan could aid local projects Roanoke Times 1/29/09
New tourism initiative helps put Craig County on the map New Castle Record 1/22/09
VDOT outlines ‘dire situation’ in road repairs and other projects Roanoke Times 1/06/09


Localities show unity in promoting Alleghany Highlands Tourism Roanoke Times 10/11/08
Public to get say in economic strategy Roanoke Times 10/9/08
Financial Strategies on Show Roanoke Times 6/25/08
Bicycle Friendly Community Workshop in Roanoke a Smashing Success VA Bicycle Federation 1/14/08
RIDE Solutions works to help commuters in the area WDBJ-7 1/7/08
The miles not driven Roanoke Times 1/22/08
Driving forces: Kaine discusses economic stategies for the Roanoke Valley Roanoke Times 1/23/08
Volunteers Needed Roanoke Times 2/28/08
Fighting Pump Pains Roanoke Times 2/29/08
Study to Look at Making Route 419 Safer WSLS-10 3/8/08
Planning Commission receives $80,000 grant for improvements to an accident-ridden Route 419 Roanoke Star-Sentinel 3/21/08
Biking Isn’t Just for Fun Anymore Roanoke Times 3/25/08
Roanoke Air Quality-New Standards WDBJ-7 3/08
Connecting Our Open Spaces City Magazine March 2008
Cost of intermodal rail yard is growing by the day Roanoke Times 4/9/08
Nonprofit agencies tout contributions Roanoke Times 4/15/08
Roanoke needs to improve air quality to new EPA standards WDBJ-7 4/15/08
Roanoke Valley’s air quality improves Roanoke Times 4/16/08
Commission working to meet new standards Roanoke Star-Sentinel 4/18/08
Meeting will discuss intermodal rail yard Roanoke Times 4/23/08
Region’s leaders still split on rail yard Roanoke Times 4/26/08
RVARC: Wayne Strickland City Magazine, 5/08
Ride Solutions reports and increase in membership WSLS 5/16/2008


RIDE Solutions in the New River Valley WDBJ-7 1/13/07
Commuters save money and energy Roanoke Times 2/10/07
A parking garage on Mill Mountain Roanoke Times 3/27/07
On board for a beautiful and–breathable–valley Roanoke Times 5/5/07
Group tries to rack up some bicycle commuters Roanoke Times 5/11/07
Clean Commute Day Coverage I WDBJ-7 5/18/07
Clean Commute Day Coverage II WSLS-10 5/18/07
Sups Agree to spend $300,000 in local funds for health care match New Castle Record 6/26/07
Ka-Ching, Ching, Ching Roanoke Times 7/9/07
Trolleys and Trial Ballons Roanoke Times 7/10/07
Power switch Roanoke Times 7/29/07
RIDE Solutions Offering Free Bicycle Racks WDBJ-7 8/13/07
Councilmen propose tax plan to market Roanoke’s culture Roanoke Times 8/16/07
Organizers of Sharebike venture aim to provide two-wheelers for area use Roanoke Times 10/30/07
Three dollar gas drives new trend WFIR 11/13/2007


Pushing the Limits Roanoke Times 2/13/06
Civic Leader Says Roanoke Needs Vision Checkup Roanoke Times 3/4/06
Breathing Easier Roanoke Times 5/26/06
Monument Could Get Bigger Buffer Roanoke Times 6/6/06
Greenways Get Support Roanoke Times 6/8/06
Why Won’t City Shoulder Cycling Hazard Roanoke Times 6/8/06
Farmers cultivate the tourist industry Roanoke Times 7/25/06
Roanoke Valley experiences bad air day Roanoke Times 7/13/06
Cornershot [KIOSK] Roanoke Times 7/27/06
New River Valley May Soon Share Water Supplies, Rides Roanoke Times 8/26/06
There’s not much to celebrate on Labor Day Roanoke Times 9/3/06
Localities are already cleaning up Roanoke Times 9/17/06
New Rules May Help You Breath Easier Roanoke Times 9/22/06
At work trying to clean the valley’s air Roanoke Times 9/27/06
Board allows review of I-81 Roanoke Times 10/12/06
Carpool program comes to NRV Roanoke Times 11/2/06
Roanoke Policies turning green Roanoke Times 12/12/06
Consider carpooling with these solutions Roanoke Times 12/29/06


Reviewing the Strategy Roanoke Times 1/3/05
Tourism on the Parkway Down 10% Roanoke Times 2/1/05
Cooperation or Competition? Roanoke Times 1/30/05
New Century founders in new century Roanoke Times 3/18/05
Go Figure: “Think and Do Tank” Flubs the Math Roanoke Times 5/5/05
Art of Funding Roanoke Times 5/18/05
A Car-Free Ride to Work Roanoke Times 5/5/05
The road less traveled by bus Roanoke Times 8/1/05
Ease the sting of high prices for gasoline Roanoke Times 8/3/05
Could the Great Flood of ’85 happen again? Roanoke Times 10/5/05
Ramping up business Roanoke Times 10/5/05
Plans for Regional Bikeway Picking Up Steam Roanoke Times12/2/05


Roanoke Valley’s Plan to Breathe Easier Roanoke Times 4/19/04
Ride Solutions Peddles Message to Commuters: Keep it Clean Roanoke Times 5/8/04
The Roanoke Valley can meet air quality rules Roanoke Times 6/28/04
Plannning to Improve I-581 Interchanges in the Works Roanoke Times 7/24/04
Officials Inaugurate Roanoke-Blacksburg Bus Route Roanoke Times 7/27/04
Regional Alliance Reports Progress In Most Initiatives Roanoke Times 8/6/04
Mechatronics isn’t toy, but will play vital role Roanoke Times 9/22/04
Brain gain Roanoke Times 10/10/04
Economic planners hope new name sticks Roanoke Times 10/28/04
Still Stagnat Roanoke Times 11/13/04


Agency May Play Key Role in I-73 Roanoke Times 1/16/03
Economic Plan Employed in Western Virginia Roanoke Times 1/18/03
Iron Gate Residents Welcome Badly Needing Housing Funds Roanoke Times 3/2/03
Regional Alliance Sets Aside $273,342 for Economic Growth Roanoke Times 4/23/03
Seeking A Sensible Successor to ‘Virginia’s Technology Corridor’ Roanoke Times 4/28/03
Cycling Survey May Lead to More Bike Paths Roanoke Times 5/19/03
Make the Region More Bicycle-Friendly Roanoke Times 5/21/03
Roanoke County Funds Bike Lane Roanoke Times 5/28/03
Air Freight Loses Altitude Roanoke Times 7/6/03
Roanoke Officials Try to Pave Way for Buses Roanoke Times 7/19/03
A Rubber Dam for Carvins Cove? Roanoke Times 8/8/03
Act Now to Address Future Water Needs Roanoke Times 8/11/03
Public Invited to Session on Water Study Roanoke Times 8/20/03
A tale of two cities Roanoke Times 10/1/03
Oh, But Water Rates Can Vex Roanoke Times 12/23/03


Valley Leaders Meet to Chew the Fat and Digest Ideas Roanoke Times 1/11/02
Water Study Proposed for Roanoke Roanoke Times 2/13/02
Tech, Roanoke join forces Roanoke Times 5/13/02
Ride-Sharing Program Has Slow Start Roanoke Times 5/22/02
Roanoke County’s Water Supply is Abundunt Roanoke Times 6/26/02
Expanded Water Study O.K’d Roanoke Times 7/30/02
Economic Development Trip Lures Roanoke Officials to Charleston, S.C. Roanoke Times 10/17/02
Localities Agree on Wish Lists Roanoke Times 10/31/02
Embrace a Regional Economic Vision Roanoke Times 11/15/02
Water Supply is Being Addressed Roanoke Times 11/15/02
Strategy’s Aim is Cooperation Roanoke Times 12/2/02
Roanoke Valley: We Give a Hoot to not Pollute Roanoke Times 12/11/02


Agency Airs 3-Year Plan for Road Work Roanoke Times 2/12/01
Proposed Rail Trail Hits Dead End Roanoke Times 3/21/01
Regional Economic Plan Needed Roanoke Times 4/4/01
Economic Progress Waits for No Region Roanoke Times 4/8/01
Roanokers Hope to Learn High-Tech Tips Roanoke Times 4/28/01
Participants Glean Variety of Ideas From Cities on Leadership Trips Roanoke Times 5/6/01
Expert: Roanoke Perfect for ‘Cluster’ Business Roanoke Times 6/6/01
Alleghany Highlands Named Enterprise Zone Roanoke Times 6/21/01
An Opportunity Missed for Regional Cooperation Roanoke Times 7/17/01
A Tale of Two Film Offices Roanoke Times 9/18/01
Commuters May Get a Break Roanoke Times 11/25/01


Flood Management Phone Survey Targets Roanoke Valley Residents Roanoke Times 2/19/00
Regional Water Supply Committee Sets Goals Based on Cooperation Roanoke Times 2/8/00
Plans for Water Also Reguire Political Will Roanoke Times 4/30/00
Roanoke Proves Great Place to Live Roanoke Times 5/9/00
Bad Air May Stunt Valley’s Growth Roanoke Times 5/26/00
Beating the Valley’s Paths of Green Roanoke Times 5/30/00
As Ozone Encroaches, Take Steps Now to Clean the Air Roanoke Times 5/30/00
Bad Air Label May Stir Ill Winds Roanoke Times 8/20/00
Rails-To-Trails Project Subject of Citizens’ Meeting Roanoke Times 9/22/00
Proposed Trail Creates Enthusiasm, Anger Roanoke Times 10/2/00
Residents Rail Against Proposed 26-Mile Trail in Botetourt Roanoke Times 10/6/00
Dispute Brews over Craig Valley Rails-to-Trails Project Roanoke Times 10/8/00
Goodlatte Insists New Century Region Has Much to Offer Roanoke Times 12/2/00


In Business Fifth Planning District Commission changes name Roanoke Times 10/29/99
Economic grants awarded Roanoke Times 10/23/99
Many in area would switch jobs readily Roanoke Times 10/2/99
Roanoke considers concept of asset district Roanoke Times 9/22/99
Put open space on the Roanoke valley agenda Roanoke Times 8/22/99
Study: region should focus on high tech to lure jobs Roanoke Times 7/30/99


Roanoke Region chugs along bright economic path Roanoke Times 11/15/98 Flood Prevention Plan Begins Roanoke Times9/30/98 Roanoke Valley gets help for disasters federal program gives $30 million to localities Roanoke Times 6/17/98 Region wins $675,000 in grants money slated for economic development Roanoke Times 8/14/98 Mapping a plan that would secure clean water in perpetuity valley’s watersheds can be put in trust Roanoke Times 8/10/98


Group argues for local power over tv towers fcc aims to hasten digital tv Roanoke Times 10/24/97
Revived city shows its skills Chattanooga’s turnaround holds promise here at home Roanoke Times 9/21/97
Chattanooga trip may boost Roanoke ‘s economic track Tennessee city’s turnaround to be considered as a model Roanoke Times 9/11/97
Group focuses on transportation issues Roanoke Times 8/24/97
Council Fine-Tunes Ward Plan Roanoke Times 7/30/97
Ward Plan is a Puzzle Roanoke Times 7/28/97
Roanoke-New River bus service studied Roanoke Times 5/13/97
Study Labeled Roanoke Most Segregated City Roanoke Times 3/12/97
Greenway leaders selected Vinton, Salem , Roanoke County to consider panel Roanoke Times 3/18/97
Roanokers share ideas on racial voting districts Roanoke Times 1/29/97
A bikeway plan for the valley Roanoke Times 1/24/97
Bikeway comments sought Roanoke Times 1/24/97


A bus bridge for the valleys Roanoke Times 8/28/96 Greenway plans need funding Roanoke Times 8/24/96 Intercity Bus Route Studied Roanoke Times 8/23/96 Planner to turn Roanoke into a walk in the park Roanoke Times 8/22/96 Briefly put … greenways and graying populations Roanoke Times 5/11/96 Transportation projects open for comments Roanoke Times 3/ 5/96


Facing the future – together planning districts pledge cooperation Roanoke Times 12/19/95
A good start for greenways Roanoke Times 12/12/95
Floodwaters cross political boundaries Roanoke Times 11/ 5/95
New ideas sought for greenways \ more workshops planned for public Roanoke Times 8/16/95
Greenways plan gets 2nd glance Roanoke Times 8/ 15/95
Workshops \ greenway ideas are sprouting Roanoke Times 8/13/95
The 5th PDC at 25 regional cooperation already is alive and well Roanoke Times 7/25/95
Greenway plan has deep roots in Roanoke Roanoke Times 7/23/95
Efforts to regionalize standing still report given month ago, but no talks under way Roanoke Times 6/20/95
“If it’s here, i’ll stay here” the region attracts people, but jobs, good jobs, keep them here Roanoke Times 4/9/95
`If you’re not moving forward … ‘ Roanoke Times 4/9/95
Development and the mess downstream Roanoke Times 3/6/95
Progress vs. quality of life to top agenda \ five years from now people will be more active in environmental concerns and more vocal in expressing them Roanoke Times 1/22/95


The next step on greenways Roanoke Times 12/15/94
Wider I-81 means more than asphalt Roanoke Times 12/18/94
River-protection district ok’d- R oanoke County is 1st of 7 localities Roanoke Times 10/27/94
River-protection plan advances conservation districts considered Roanoke Times 9/14/94
On the right trail toward greenways Roanoke Times 11/ 21/94
Roanoker is president of development group Roanoke Times 4/21/94
Trails to a happier Roanoke valley Roanoke Times 10/3/94
Shared rules urged to save river Roanoke Times 4/25/94
Cooperating communities’ regionalism: the way to do business Roanoke Times 4/10/94
A bridge to the future in the Alleghany region Roanoke Times 3/30/94
Art for the region’s sake Roanoke Times 3/ 27/94
1st planning chief Robert Shannon dies at 76 Roanoke Times 1/2/94


Would I-81 tourists tune to am 1610? Roanoke Times 12/30/93
Rail buffs are putting history back on track Roanoke Times 11/22/93
Craig delays supporting I-73 through Roanoke Roanoke Times 11/18/93
Beautiful dreams for the parkway Roanoke Times 10/2/93
Study seeks to save parkway scenery Roanoke Times 9/24/93
Development bank closer to reality Roanoke Times 5/28/93
Population horizon is just plain flat Roanoke Times 5/28/93
Region’s stake extends beyond political lines Roanoke Times 5/23/93
Tire-shredding program to start in Southwest Va. Roanoke Times 4/22/93
Craig supervisors back block grant application Roanoke Times 3/4/93
Regional planners avoid Va. Beach water fight Roanoke Times 1/29/93
Packett’s problem regional planning goes nowhere without a constituency Roanoke Times 1/19/93


Roanoke pushed for ’93 meeting of governors Roanoke Times 12/19/92
I-81’s beauty `could be lost’ Roanoke Times 12/19/92
Localities unite for flood study Roanoke Times 12/ 5/92
Western Va. ‘s future strategy to be discussed Roanoke Times 9/26/92
Craig board backs quest for day-care center grant Roanoke Times 9/17/92
Medical wants detailed Roanoke Times 8/21/92
Pipeline foe warns of water problems Roanoke Times 7/24/92
Flood plan for creeks proposed \ study to focus on 16 streams Roanoke Times 7/11/92
Cultural plan will help set arts priorities Roanoke Times 7/5/92
Tourism developer to help plan leadership conference Roanoke Times 7/3/92
Low-band radio urged to attract I-81 tourists Roanoke Times 6/26/92
Iffy-Credit Bank to be Studied Roanoke Times 6/13/92
5th district planners back joining commission Roanoke Times 5/29/92
Salem asks Appalachian link Roanoke Times 5/28/92
Endangered species? \ Arts environment is vital to the valley Roanoke Times 5/26/92
City hoping to sign up with ARC Roanoke Times 5/13/92
Packett Favors Regional Cooperation Roanoke Times 4/23/92
Broker wants tall signs to float restaurant deal Roanoke Times 3/26/92
Kiosks? Destination: Roanoke Valley Roanoke Times 3/9/92
Council hears recommendations on dangerous stretch of road Roanoke Times 2/20/92
Agency chief eager to push for tourism Roanoke Times 1/26/92


Election task force begins work Roanoke Times 12/19/91
Team to study ward proposal Roanoke Times 12/10/91
Conscientious commuters/ instead of riding solo, more people are turning to buses, biking and car pooling Roanoke Times 11/19/91
Ward-vote timing splits council Roanoke Times 11/12/91
Citizen help on ward plan sought Roanoke Times 11/11/91
Growth incentives lacking, state commission told Roanoke Times 10/19/91
Growth predictions disappointing Roanoke Times 10/16/91
Craig supervisors approve waste-management plan Roanoke Times 6/27/91
Solid-waste plan prepared for Craig Roanoke Times 6/6/91
Survey looks at attitudes among I-81 localities Roanoke Times 5/26/91
I-81 council plans development survey Roanoke Times 5/15/91
‘Smart’ designation of i-81 sought Roanoke Times 3/30/91
Panel wants I-81 to be part of `smart’ road Roanoke Times 3/29/91
Study proposes burning, recycling of Craig waste Roanoke Times 3/7/91
Bath may join two planning commissions Roanoke Times 3/1/91
Cooperative purchasing urged for planning district Roanoke Times 1/25/91


Salem planners approve study of river corridor Roanoke Times 12/20/90
Bath proposes joining regional planners Roanoke Times 9/28/90
Planners to study tinker pollution Roanoke Times 7/28/90
I-81 Council gets $25,000 for study Roanoke Times 7/27/90
Interest in recycling rising fast Roanoke Times 5/25/90
District planners cut budget Roanoke Times 4/ 27/90
Eddy asks `greenway’ along river Roanoke Times 4/18/90
Idea originator sees `smart road’ support Roanoke Times 2/23/90

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