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2022 Regional Commission

DateTimeAgenda FileAttachmentsMinutesRecording
1/27/20223:00 PM AgendaApproved Minutes
2/24/20223:00 PMAgendaApproved Minutes
3/24/20223:00 PMMtg. Cancelled
4/28/20223:00 PM Agenda#1: FY23 Rural Transportation Work ProgramApproved Minutes
5/26/20223:00 PM Agenda Approved Minutes
6/23/20223:00 PMAgendaApproved Minutes
7/28/20223:00 PMMtg. Cancelled
8/25/20223:00PMMtg. Cancelled
9/29/20223:00PMSpecial Mtg.Agenda-Rescheduled from Sept. 22 DateApproved Minutes
10/27/20223:00PMNo 3 pm. business on Oct. 27. Annual Dinner on Nov.3 at Roanoke College at 6 pm.
12/15/20223:00PMAgenda Meeting was adjourned due to lack of quorum


2022 Roanoke Valley Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) Policy Board

DateTimeAgenda FileAttachmentsMinutesRecording
1/27/20221:00 PMAgendaApproved Minutes
2/24/20221:00 PMAgenda Approved Minutes
3/24/20221:00 PMAgenda#1: RVTPO FY23 UPWP Draft

#2: Congestion Management Process Implementation

Approved Minutes
4/28/20221:00 PM Agenda #1: RVTPO FY23 UPWP Draft Approved Minutes
5/26/20221:00 PM AgendaApproved Minutes
6/23/20221:00 PMAgenda#1: Draft Amendment #5Approved Minutes.
7/28/20221:00 PMMtg. Cancelled
8/25/20221:00PMAgenda#1: Vision 2040 A6 draft 8-18-22Approved Minutes
9/29/20221:00PMSpecial Mtg. 29, Agenda – Rescheduled from Sept. 22 DateApproved Minutes
10/27/20221:00PMMtg. Cancelled
12/15/20221:00PMAgendaAttachment #1Approved Minutes

2022 Roanoke Valley TPO Transportation Technical Committee (TTC)

DateTimeAgenda FileAttachmentsMinutesRecording
1/5/20221:00 PMSpecial Called Mtg. AgendaRVTP Staff Report #2

RVTP Staff Report #3

 Approved Minutes
1/13/20221:30 PM Agenda#4: Staff Report FY24 SMART SCALE Candidate Project Requests

#5: STBG Round 5 Staff Report #2

#6. B: Staff Report Update on FTA 5310 Funding

 Approved Minutes
2/10/20221:30 PM Agenda #5:RVTP Staff Report 2-9-22Approved Minutes
3/10/20221:30 PM Agenda#1: Congestion Management Process Implementation

#2: RVTPO FY23 UPWP Draft

Approved Minutes
4/14/20221:30 PMAgenda#1: RVTPO FY23 UPWP DraftApproved Minutes
5/12/20221:30 PMAgenda#6: TIP 21-24 Amendment #2

#7: TAP FY23-24 Additional Allocations

Approved Minutes
6/9/20221:30 PMAgendaApproved Minutes
7/14/20221:30 PMAgendaApproved Minutes

Vision 2040 Plan A6 Draft

Approved Minutes
9/08/20221:30PMAgenda #1: RVTP draft 9-1-22Approved Minutes
10/13/20221:30PMAgendaApproved Minutes
11/10/20221:30PMAgendaAttachment 1Approved Minutes
12/8/20221:30PMAgendaApproved Minutes

2022 Regional Commission Executive Committee

DateTimeAgenda FileAttachmentsMinutesRecording
01/27/202211:30 AMAgendaApproved Minutes
4/21/202211:30 AMAgenda Approved Minutes
5/26/202011:30 AMAgendaApproved Minutes
6/23/202211:30 AM AgendaApproved Minutes
8/25/202211:30 AMAgendaApproved Minutes
10/27/2022 11:30 AMAgendaApproved Minutes
12/8/202211:30 AMAgendaApproved Minutes

2022 Roanoke Valley Collective Response Collective’s Advisory Committee (CAC)

DateTimeAgenda FileAttachmentsMinutesRecording
07/27/202210:00 AMAgenda
08/10/20229:00amMtg. CanceledMtg. Canceled
09/14/20229:00amApproved Minutes
10/12/20229:00amMtg. CanceledMtg. Canceled
11/9/20229:00amAgenda  Approved Minutes
12/14/20229:00amAgenda  Approved Minutes

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