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2023 Regional Commission

DateTimeAgenda FileAttachmentsMinutesRecording
1/26/20233:00 PM AgendaApproved Minutes
2/23/20233:00 PM AgendaApproved Minutes
3/23/20233:00 PM AgendaApproved Minutes
4/27/20233:00 PMAgenda#1: Rural TPWP FY24 draftApproved Minutes
5/25/20233:00 PMAgenda#1: FY24 Work ProgramApproved Minutes
6/22/20233:00 PMAgenda
7/27/20233:00 PMMtg. Cancelled
8/24/20233:00PMMtg. Cancelled


2023 Roanoke Valley Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) Policy Board

DateTimeAgenda FileAttachmentsMinutesRecording
1/26/20231:00 PMAgendaApproved Minutes
2/23/20231:00 PMMtg. Cancelled
3/23/20231:00 PMAmended AgendaApproved Minutes
4/27/20231:00 PM Agenda#1: RVTPO FY24 UPWP Draft

#2: RVTP FFY24-27 TIP Draft

Approved Minutes
5/25/20231:00 PMMtg. Cancelled
6/22/20231:00 PM Agenda#1: CMP Implementation 2023Approved Minutes
7/27/20231:00 PMMtg. Cancelled
8/24/20231:00 PM Agenda
9/28/20231:00PMRevised Agenda


2023 Roanoke Valley TPO Transportation Technical Committee (TTC)

DateTimeAgenda FileAttachmentsMinutesRecording
1/12/20231:00 PM AgendaApproved Minutes
2/9/20231:30 PM AgendaApproved Minutes
3/9/20231:30 PMAgendaApproved Minutes
4/13/20231:30 PM Agenda#1:RVTPO FY24 UPWP Draft

#2: Congestion Management Process Implementation 2023

 Approved Minutes
5/11/20231:30 PMAgendaApproved Minutes
6/8/20231:30 PMAgendaApproved Minutes
7/13/20231:30 PMMtg. Cancelled
8/10/20231:30PM Agenda
9/14/20231:30PMMtg. Cancelled

2023 Regional Commission Executive Committee

DateTimeAgenda FileAttachmentsMinutesRecording
01/12/202311:30 AM AgendaApproved Minutes
4/3/202311:30 AMAgendaApproved Minutes
5/18/202311:30 AMAgendaApproved Minutes
6/12/202311:30 AMAgendaApproved Minutes
8/10/202311:30 AMAgendaApproved Minutes
9/14/202311:30 AMAgenda

2023 Blue Ridge Interagency Council on Homelessness

DateTimeAgenda FileAttachmentsMinutesRecording
01/13/20239:00 AM AgendaApproved Minutes
02/10/20239:00 AMAgendaApproved Minutes
03/10/20239:00 AMAgendaApproved Minutes
04/14/20239:00 AMAgendaApproved Minutes
05/12/20239:00 AMAgendaApproved Minutes
6/9/20239:00 AMAgendaApproved Minutes
7/14/20239:00 AMAgenda
8/11/20239:00 AMAgenda
9/8/20239:00 AM
10/13/20239:00 AM
11/10/20239:00 AM


2023 Roanoke Valley Collective Response Collective’s Advisory Committee (CAC)

DateTimeAgenda FileAttachmentsMinutesRecording
01/11/20239:00am  AgendaApproved Minutes
02/8/20239:00 AM AgendaApproved Minutes
3/8/20239:00 AMAgendaApproved Minutes
4/12/20239:00 AM AgendaApproved Minutes
5/10/20239:00 AM AgendaApproved Minutes
6/14/20239:00 AMMtg. Cancelled
7/12/20239:00 AM Agenda
8/9/20239:00 AM Agenda
9/13/20239:00 AMMtg. Cancelled

Roanoke River Blueway Advisory Committee (Blueway Committee)

Meetings of this group are currently scheduled on a case-by-case basis. As meeting dates are determined they will be added below.

DateTimeAgenda FileAttachmentsMinutesRecording
09/08/232:00 pmAgenda#1: FY24 Proposed Budget


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