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2021 Regional Commission

DateTimeAgenda FileAttachmentsMinutesRecording
1/28/20213:00 PMAgendaApproved MinutesRecording
2/25/20213:00 PM AgendaApproved Minutes Recording
3/25/20213:00 PMAgenda #1; Title VI Amendment
#2: Title VI Amendment with tracking
Approved Minutes Recording
4/22/20213:00 PMRevised  Agenda#1: Rural TPWP FY22 4-14-21Approved Minutes Recording
5/27/20213:00 PMAgenda #1: FY22 Work ProgramApproved Minutes Recording
6/24/20213:00 PM Agenda#1: CEDS Draft 6-24-21Recording
7/22/20213:00 PMCancelled
9/23/20213:00PM Agenda

Agenda (Combined Nov-Dec Mtg. due to holidays)


2021 Roanoke Valley Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) Policy Board

DateTimeAgenda FileAttachmentsMinutesRecording
1/28/20211:00 PM AgendaApproved Minutes Recording
2/25/20211:00 PM Agenda #1: Public Part. PlanApproved Minutes Recording
3/25/20211:00 PMAgenda #1: RVTPO FY22 UPWP Draft Approved Minutes Recording
4/22/20211:00 PMAgenda#1: Title VI Amendment
#2: (Tracked Version)
#3: FY22 UPWP Draft
#4: Draft Transportation Needs Assessment       Agenda Item #6:Staff Report Addendum-STBG 4-20-21
Approved Minutes Recording
5/27/20211:00 PMAgenda#1: PPP 2021 05 27Approved Minutes Recording
6/24/20211:00 PM AgendaApproved Minutes Recording
7/22/20211:00 PM Agenda#1: Staff Report STBG Procedure Adjustment 7-22-21
#2: Draft STBG Procedures Adjustment
#3: TED Study Staff Report
#4: TED Study Update – 7/22/21
#5: HIP Funding Staff Report
#6: HIP Funding Resolution
Approved Minutes
8/26/20211:00PMAgenda#1: TED Study Update 082621
#2: Transportation Priorities
#3: Vision 2040 Draft 8-19-21
#4: SMART SCALE Round 4 Analysis

#1: Vision 2040: Draft 9-16-21

12/16/20211:00PMAgenda (Combined Nov-Dec Mtg. due to holidays)


2021 Roanoke Valley TPO Transportation Technical Committee (TTC)

DateTimeAgenda FileAttachmentsMinutesRecording
1/14/20211:30 PMAgendaApproved Minutes Recording
2/11/20211:30 PM AgendaAttachment #1Approved Minutes Recording
3/11/20211:30 PM Revised Agenda#1: RVTPO FY22 UPWP DraftApproved Minutes Recording
4/08/20211:30 PM Agenda#1 Work Program
#2 Draft Needs Assessment
#3 STBG Staff Report
Approved Minutes Recording
4/20/20219:00 AMSpecial Called Mtg Agenda#1:STBG Staff ReportApproved Minutes Recording
5/13/20211:30 PM Agenda #1:Public Participation PlanApproved Minutes Recording
6/10/20211:30 PMAgendaApproved Minutes Recording
7/08/20211:30 PMAgendaApproved Minutes
8/12/20211:30PM Agenda

Vision 2040 Plan Draft
Transportation Priorities

Approved Minutes
9/09/20211:30PM Agenda#1: Vision 2040 Draft 9-1-21

#2:Needs Prioritization Draft 9-9-21

#3: SMART SCALE Round 4 Analysis



2021 Regional Commission Executive Committee

DateTimeAgenda FileAttachmentsMinutesRecording
7/22/202111:30 AM Agenda


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