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Download the Moving Forward 2023, RIDE Solutions Travel survey

In 2023, RVARC commissioned PRR to survey Roanoke Valley residents about their travel habits and opinions on transportation. The survey, offered in Spanish and English, utilized strategies like pilot study recruitment, public outreach, and random sampling. It closed on May 28, 2023, with 1,964 responses, and a weighted sample of 1,662 was analyzed for regional representation.

Key findings indicate a reliance on personal vehicles, burdened by high gas and maintenance costs, and a need for improved sidewalks and bike paths. Carpool and vanpool services require better promotion and education.

Future research suggestions include extending survey availability, increasing access to paper surveys, and focusing on rural area engagement. These findings will guide improvements in the RIDE Solutions program and regional transportation planning.

Explore Roanoke Valley’s travel trends. Download the 2023 RVARC Survey Report now.

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