RVTP Support Materials

Roanoke Valley Transportation Plan Documents:

Interactive Executive Summary
Roanoke Valley Transportation Plan
Financial Plan
Transportation Improvement Program
Funded Projects
Priority Projects to Pursue
Regional Transportation Priority Needs
Future Factors
System Performance Report 
Acronyms and Definitions
Interactive Map
Amendments/Adjustments Summary (to be added post-plan adoption)

Process to Develop the Roanoke Valley Transportation Plan Key Components and Ongoing Developmental RVTP Work

Over the course of 2+ years, RVTPO staff, consultants, and staff from member organizations worked together on many pieces of the planning process that came together to generate the Roanoke Valley Transportation Plan.  The links below provide details of the process that resulted in the draft plan for adoption provided above.
2021 Transportation Needs Assessment
Needs Prioritization Methodology
Other Transportation Needs
RVTP Vision, Goals, Objectives, and Performance Measures Process
RVTPO Performance-Based Planning and Programming Process
RVTPO Public Participation Plan
RVTP Public Engagement Summary
STBG Project Development and Selection Procedures
Amendment/Adjustment Process
Federal Requirements Review
Self-Certification Statement