Bike/ped links and resources

Regional Bike/Ped Plans, Studies, and Committees
Regional Pedestrian Vision Plan for the Roanoke Valley (2015)
Bikeway Plan for the RVAMPO – 2012 Update
Bikeway Plan for the Roanoke Valley Area MPO – 2005 Update
League of American Bicyclists Roanoke Bicycle Friendly Community Workshop Action Items
RVARC Rural Bikeway Plan (2006)
Regional Bicycle Suitability Study – Phase II

Local Bike/Ped Policies, Plans, and Resources
City of Roanoke Bicycle Friendly Community
City of Roanoke Street Design Guidelines and Complete Streets Policy
City of Roanoke Paving Schedule
Roanoke County Design Handbook
Roanoke County Bicycle and Pedestrian Policy

Grants and Grant Resources
Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside (TA)
Regional Surface Transporation Program (RSTP)
RVARC Grant Resource Access Network (GRANT)

Weather and Air Quality
Air Quality Index (Virginia DEQ)
National Weather Service – Roanoke, VA Forecast

Bike Routes
RIDE Solutions – Commuter and Themed Routes
Self-Guided Bicycle Tours
City of Salem Signed Bicycle Route
Virginia Interstate Bicycle Route 76
TransAmerica Bicycle Trail (BikeCentennial)
Roanoke Cycling Trails/Routes – Map My Ride

Bicycle Use Data, Reports, and Rankings
National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project (NBPD)

VDOT and State Bike/Ped Resources
VDOT – Dashboard
VDOT State Bicycle Policy Plan
VDOT Pedestrian Plan
Virginia Outdoors Plan

Roanoke Valley Greenways
Roanoke Valley Greenway Commission
Conceptual Greenway Plan for the Roanoke Valley 2007 Update
Greenway Etiquette Video

Bicycle Parking
Bicycle Parking Guidelines (APBP)
Downtown Roanoke Parking Study

Bicycle Laws and Legislation
Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act)
Virginia Bicycle Laws
Bicycle Commuter Act of 2008
Employer’s Tax Guide to Fringe Benefits 2013 (IRS)

Bicycle Education and Instruction
Sharing the Road in Virginia
Sharing the Road in Virginia Pocket Guide

Bicycle Safety Resources
Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
NHTSA Bicycle Safety Tips For Adults Video
League of American Bicyclists Smart Cycling

Community Design and Active Living
CDC Designing and Building Healthy Places
Active Living Research

Health and Fitness
County Health Rankings and Roadmap
CDC Overweight and Obesity
CDC Physical Activity

Safe Routes to School
National Center for Safe Routes to School
Virginia Safe Routes to School Program

Public Transportation
RIDE Solutions – Transit
Traveling In, Out, and Around the Roanoke Area

Blue Ridge Parkway Plans and Resources
Blue Ridge Parkway Association
Blue Ridge Parkway General Management Plan
Blue Ridge Parkway/Roanoke Valley Trail Plan
Blue Ridge Parkway Multi-Use Path Feasibility Study (2005)

Roanoke Area Cycling Clubs/Organizations
Bike Virginia
Blue Ridge Bicycle Club
Roanoke Chapter – International Mountain Biking Association (RIMBA)

Cycling Organizations
Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals
League of American Bicyclists
National Complete Streets Coalition
Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center
The National Center for Bicycling and Walking
Virginia Bicycling Federation