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Our Partners

Partnerships for Stronger Communities

At the heart of our work in the Roanoke Valley region is the belief that partnerships are key to creating a meaningful impact. We collaborate with a diverse array of groups, from food access initiatives to internet providers and trail builders, to address our residents’ complex needs. Our approach blends specialized expertise and inclusive ideas to turn strategies into positive community changes. Whether it’s improving food access or expanding internet connectivity, we unite these goals with a focus on equity and long-term sustainability. By fostering cooperative solutions with our visionary partners, we harness the collective power of cooperation for the greater good of all residents.

Roanoke Foodshed Network

The Roanoke Foodshed Network (RFN) was formed in 2020 to connect the region’s diverse partners working toward food system reform. After a decade of discussions with local farmers, planners, and food advocates about needs and goals, the network aims to take a comprehensive approach to building a more equitable, resilient food production system that nourishes the Roanoke region. The nonprofit Local Environmental Agriculture Project (LEAP), as fiscal agent for a multi-year USDA grant, now leads the network along with partners like Carilion Clinic, Feeding Southwest Virginia, the Regional Commission, organic farming groups, Virginia Cooperative Extension, and Virginia Tech’s food systems research center. They strive to increase capacity and community collaboration for regional food security and abundance.

Roanoke Valley Broadband Authority

Created in 2021, the Roanoke Valley Broadband Authority (RVBA) leads the charge in eliminating regional broadband access gaps through visionary leadership and collaboration. Pursuing equitable connectivity empowers communities in today’s digital world. By coordinating public and private stakeholders, strategically targeting funding, and taking on creative expansion projects, the RVBA makes steady progress toward the goal of affordable, reliable high-speed internet for all residents across Roanoke City and surrounding counties.

Greenway & Outdoor Recreation

The Roanoke Valley Greenways coalition develops and maintains multi-use trails to encourage active lifestyles across five counties and cities in the scenic Roanoke Valley. These pedestrian and cycling greenway networks promote recreation, health, and sustainability goals by connecting neighborhoods with natural areas. To strategically expand regional trail access, the collaborative maps gaps plans new projects for underserved regions, and secures public and private grants. Partners like local governments, clubs, businesses, and nonprofits assist in outreach, fundraising, and stewardship efforts. By uniting stakeholders around shared objectives, Roanoke Valley Greenways fosters vibrant community infrastructure so all residents can enjoy the benefits of the outdoors.