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    To be a regional leader in driving collaboration and strategy within our communities on issues that are critical to the economic growth, quality of life and sustainability of this region.

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    The Regional Commission helps local governments address regionally significant issues with planning designed to enhance our region’s infrastructure, promote our region’s economic growth, and improve and sustain our region’s quality of life. 

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    The Regional Commission provides long-range transportation planning for the Roanoke Valley and rural localities within our region. Regionally coordinated approaches to planning and developing our region’s transportation infrastructure is central to the mobility of our citizens and supporting businesses that rely on logistics and supply chain management.

Serving its member governments for over 40 years

Federal Fiscal Year 2014 Annual Listing of Project Obligations Available for Public Review

Dec 19, 2014

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Annually, the Virginia Department of Transportation and Rail and Public Transportation release a report listing the highway and transit projects that have received federal funding obligations, at least in part, in the past fiscal year (September 1 – October 30) with funds from the Federal Highway Administration and/or Federal Transit Administration.  A project obligation is the Federal government’s legal commitment to pay the federal share of a project’s cost.  An obligated project is one that has been authorized by the federal agency and for which funds have been committed.  Projects for which funds have been obligated are not necessarily initiated or completed during the program year, and the amount of the obligation will not necessarily equal the total cost of the project.  For projects under the auspices of the FTA, obligation occurs when the FTA grant is awarded.  For projects under the auspices of the FHWA, obligation occurs when a project agreement is executed and the State/grantee requests that the funds be obligated.

For purposes of public outreach, this draft report is being made available on the RVARC and the Roanoke Valley Transportation Planning Organization’s websites.  Please click on the above image to view the Annual Obligations Report.

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Introducing the “Roanoke Valley Transportation Planning Organization” (RVTPO)

Oct 02, 2014

TPO Name Change Resolution 09-25-2014 – small (Resolution establishing that the RVAMPO should be commonly referred to as the RVTPO)

It has been observed that the term Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) does not directly communicate the transportation planning focus and role of the MPO to the public at large.  Therefore, the RVAMPO Policy Board decided that henceforth the RVAMPO should be commonly referred to as the Roanoke Valley Transportation Planning Organization (RVTPO).  The use of RVTPO more clearly communicates the purpose and role of the body.  The official name for contracts, agreements and memorandums of understanding (MOUs) will remain the RVAMPO.  For day-to-day planning activities, plans and routine matters facing the public, we will henceforth refer to ourselves as the RVTPO.  Please bear with us as we make the transition over the next several months.  The Policy Board did not want us to go through undue extra expense in this transition.  So we will be gradually transitioning letterhead and other items as our stock is used up and replaced.

You can think of RVTPO as a friendly nickname that makes us more personable.  Instead of going by William we are now going by Bill by way of analogy.

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Regional Surface Transportation Program Applications Due September 26, 2014

Aug 20, 2014

Currently, the Roanoke Valley Area Metropolitan Planning Organization is accepting applications for new RSTP projects until September 26, 2014.  The projects will be scored throughout the fall/winter of 2014, and approved by the RVAMPO Policy Board in the spring of 2015.

Eligible recipients of RSTP funds in the Roanoke Valley Area include:

  1. Member local governments who have all or a portion of their territory in the RVAMPO Study Area Boundary (Bedford County, Botetourt County, Montgomery County, City of Roanoke, Roanoke County, City of Salem and the Town of Vinton)
  2. Greater Roanoke Transit Company (Valley Metro)
  3. Unified Human Services Transportation Systems, Inc. (RADAR)
  4. Virginia Department of Transportation
  5. Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation
  6. Roanoke Valley Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (RVAMPO) and Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission (RVARC) – RVAMPO and RVARC for planning studies.


For more information on project selection and the application process, click here for the RSTP Project Selection Procedures. (RSTP Application is included within the Project Selection Procedures Document)

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