Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission Staff​

Jeremy Holmes, Executive Director

Directs all activities of the Commission including preparing a work program and budget that supports the mission of the Regional Commission.  Maintains relationships with all levels of government, as well as with organizations in the region involved in economic and community development activities.  With the Commission board members, sets the regional agenda and monitors those projects and programs to ensure successful implementation. Serves as Secretary to the Transportation Planning Organization and Secretary to the Regional Commission. Email:

Sherry Dean, Director of Finance/Human Resources

Responsible for: (1) budgetary forecasting and contracts, (2) accounting and financial statements, (3) accounts payable/receivable, (4) grants management, (5) personnel administration, (6) insurance, and (7) procurement. Email:

Andrea Garland, Director of RIDE Solutions

Responsibilities include: (1) managing the RIDE Solutions Program (regional rideshare program for the Roanoke Valley, New River Valley, Region 2000 in Lynchburg, and the West Piedmont region of greater Danville and Martinsville), and (2) implementing the air quality plan. Email:

Robert Natt, Director of Roanoke Valley Collective Response

Responsible for directing the activities of the Roanoke Valley Collective Response. Email:

Eddie Wells, AICP, Director of Community Development Programs

Responsible for: (1) community and environmental development, (2) working with federal and state agencies, and (3) providing technical and grant writing assistance to communities in the region. Email:

Bryan W. Hill, AICPCZA, Regional Planner III

Responsibilities include: (1) managing the Regional Commission’s Housing Development Program, (2) preparing various community development related studies and plans, (3) developing urban and rural transportation plans and corridor studies, (4) developing the Transportation Improvement Program, (5) administering the SMART SCALE grant program, and (6) staffing the Blue Ridge Interagency Council on Homelessness. Email:

Amanda McGee, AICP, Senior Planner

Responsible for: (1) community and environmental planning, (2) updating greenway and blueway plans, (3) providing technical support regarding recreational and environmental issues, and (4) conducting demographic data analysis. Email:

Bailey Helgeson, Registered C.P.R.S., Peer Recovery Coordinator

Responsibilities include: (1) growing and maintaining the Peer Recovery Network for The Roanoke Valley Collective Response (2) administering the SAMHSA grant (3) facilitating REVIVE! Trainings throughout the localities (4) developing the Peer Mentorship Program. Email:

Gabriel Irigaray, CBLP, Regional Planner II

Responsible for: (1) Promoting Chesapeake Bay restoration efforts in the Regional Commission’s James River Watershed region, (2) Identify opportunities to enhance local water quality in the Regional Commission’s service area, (3) Work with local stakeholders to address stormwater issues in the area. Email

Virginia Mullen, Office Manager

Responsibilities include: (1) serving as recording secretary for the Regional Commission, the Roanoke Valley Transportation Planning Organization, the Western Virginia Regional Industrial Facility Authority, and the Transportation Technical Committee; (2) providing administrative support to all staff; (3) scheduling office activities; Email:

Alison Stinnette, Transportation Planner I

Responsible for: Reviewing the Transportation Improvement Program, Six-Year Improvement Program and Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG). Aid in the development of long-range transportation planning. Assist the public transportation agency on materials, plans or tasks. Contributes to the implementation of public engagement for transportation planning items. Engages in DEI training and serves as the Title VI Manager. Email:

Jonathan Stanton, Transportation Planner II

Responsible for: Planning for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure in the region through collecting and maintaining bicycle and pedestrian counts, supporting local nonmotorized planning efforts, and developing and updating regional bicycle and pedestrian plans. Supports transportation planning efforts including the regional long range transportation plan primarily through spatial and non-spatial data collection, analysis, management. Maintains regional congestion management plan and process, and rural transportation plan. Email:

Elizabeth Elmore, Public Engagement Manager

Responsible for: (1) managing social media for the Commission, RIDE Solutions and the Collective Response, (2) compiling the newsletter and annual report, creating press releases and managing media requests and (3) collecting public input on certain projects. Email:

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