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Amendment #4 to the Roanoke Valley Transportation Plan

Sep 01, 2021

The Roanoke Valley Transportation Planning Organization (RVTPO) is no longer accepting comments on amendments to its transportation plan.

Comments will be accepted until September 22, 2021 and a hearing will be held at 1:00 pm on September 23, 2021 at 313 Luck Avenue SW, Roanoke VA. For accommodations call (540) 343-4417 or E-mail: bhill@rvarc.org. Hearing impaired persons call 711 for access. The RVTPO strives to provide reasonable accommodations for persons who require special assistance to participate in public involvement opportunities.  The RVTPO fully complies with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in all programs and activities.

View the proposed amendments in an interactive map here.

View the complete Roanoke Valley Transportation Plan here. Proposed amendments are listed below.

Amendment #4 includes four priority transportation needs and ten projects identified as priorities to pursue for the Roanoke Valley, adding new projects to the budget list which have received funding, projects with updated costs greater than 10% over original costs, and adding new priority projects to the vision list.

 Inclusion of Roanoke Valley Transportation Priorities Brochure in Appendix E.  References four priority needs to address in the region and 10 priority projects to pursue:

Reduce Congestion on Route 460 East of I-581 to be addressed by four intersection/interchange projects.

Provide a safer way for people to walk and bike to destinations in Salem, Roanoke City and Roanoke County to be addressed by four greenway projects.

Left turn lane on Peters Creek Road eastbound to Valleypointe Parkway is too short for staking vehicles to be addressed by an interchange project at I-581 & Peters Creek Road.

Congestion in Exit 150 Park and Ride Lot – too small for use by commuters and AT users to be addressed by expanding the parking lot.



City of Roanoke & Roanoke County

Salem, Roanoke City & County

City of Roanoke & Roanoke County


Botetourt County

Project NumberInclusion of projects to the constrained list which have received funding since last Plan adoption:Location of Project
A4-18US 460 / Laymantown Road Intersection ImprovementBotetourt County
A4-21Roanoke River Greenway Bridge the Gap Phase II Segment 2City of Roanoke
A4-23Patterson Avenue Pedestrian ImprovementsCity of Roanoke
A4-2411th Street Streetscape ImprovementsCity of Roanoke
A4-313th St. SE ImprovementsCity of Roanoke
A4-4Wasena Bridge (Main Street) Bridge ReplacementCity of Roanoke
A4-27Greenway Connection -Riverland RoadCity of Roanoke
A4-28Route 460 / Orange Avenue at Seibel Drive / Hickory WoodsCity of Roanoke
A4-29Route 460 / Orange Avenue Improvements at King StreetCity of Roanoke
A4-30Route 460 / Orange Avenue Improvement near Blue Hills DriveCity of Roanoke
A4-1Franklin Road Sidewalk Improvements, Route 220 B Phase 2City of Roanoke
A4-32Dry Hollow Road Safety ImprovementsRoanoke County
A4-33Fallowater Lane ExtensionRoanoke County
A4-34I-81 – add NB lane between Exit 128 and Exit 137Roanoke County
A4-44Oak Grove Streetscape ImprovementsRoanoke County
A4-8Route 460 / W. Ruritan Road Intersection ImprovementsRoanoke County
A4-9Route 460 Intersections – Carson Road to Huntridge RoadRoanoke County
A4-45Pedestrian Crossing Improvements on 419 and at Plantation / Hershberger Road IntersectionRoanoke County
A4-46Route 220 Access Management Improvements ProjectRoanoke Co./City of Roanoke
A4-36Downtown Streetscape ImprovementsCity of Salem
A4-37Downtown Salem – Main Street, Union Street to Broad StreetCity of Salem
A4-38Downtown Salem – Roanoke BoulevardCity of Salem
A4-39Apperson Drive Bridge ReplacementCity of Salem
A4-40Roanoke River Greenway Golden SpikeCity of Salem
A4-41Apperson Drive (Route 11) / Orchard Intersection ImprovementsCity of Salem
A4-42Main Street / Market Street Intersection ImprovementsCity of Salem
A4-14Gus Nicks Boulevard Pedestrian / Bicycle CrossingTown of Vinton
Project NumberAcceptance of projects with updated costs greater than 10% over original costs:Location of Projects
A4-19Route 220 Superstreet ImprovementBotetourt County
A4-43Tinker Creek Trail ExtensionCity of Roanoke
A4-29th Street Multimodal ImprovementsCity of Roanoke
A4-22I-581 Exit 2 Interchange StudyCity of Roanoke
A4-25Hollins Road & Orange Avenue Intersection ImprovementsCity of Roanoke
A4-26Aviation Drive / Valley View Boulevard Pedestrian ImprovementsCity of Roanoke
A4-20Roanoke River Greenway – Aerial Way Drive to Roanoke Avenue, SWCity of Roanoke
A4-27Plantation Road Bike / Pedestrian / Streetscape Phase IIRoanoke County
A4-6Route 11 & Route 117 Pedestrian Safety ImprovementsRoanoke County
A4-10Roanoke River Greenway – Blue Ridge Parkway Crossing along Highland RoadRoanoke County
A4-12Valleypointe Parkway RealignmentRoanoke County
A4-13Route 419 Streetscape Improvements Phase 2Roanoke County
A4-35Starkey Road / Buck Mountain Road Intersection ImprovementsRoanoke County
A4-7Route 311 / Route 419 Intersection Safety & Congestion ImprovementsRoanoke County
A4-11Pedestrian Improvements on Route 11 (Williamson Road)Roanoke County
A4-31Roanoke River GreenwayRoanoke County
A4-5Roanoke River Greenway, Green Hill Park to Riverside ParkRoanoke County
A4-15Glade Creek Greenway, Phase 2Town of Vinton
60 and A4-16Walnut Avenue Bicycle & Pedestrian AccommodationsTown of Vinton


Hardy Road / Dillon Woods CrosswalkTown of Vinton
Project NumberInclusion of new priority projects to the vision listLocation of Projects
N/AOrange Avenue at I-581 Interchange ReconfigurationCity of Roanoke
N/AOrange Avenue at Williamson Road Intersection ImprovementCity of Roanoke
N/AOrange Avenue & Kimball Avenue / Plantation Road Intersection ImprovementCity of Roanoke
N/AVirginia Tech Carilion Access ImprovementsCity of Roanoke
N/AWilliamson Road Pedestrian ImprovementsCity of Roanoke
N/AWest Main StreetCity of Salem
N/AConstruct Roundabout at Mill Lane / West Riverside DriveCity of Salem
N/ARoanoke Boulevard Sidewalk ExtensionCity of Salem
N/ABuild Roanoke River Greenway – Mill Lane/W. Riverside DriveCity of Salem
N/ARte. 1663/Old Cave Spring Rd. ImprovementsRoanoke Co.
N/AHinchee Trail Parking Lot (previously on the constrained list)Roanoke Co.
N/AEast Roanoke River Greenway, Phase 2Roanoke Co.
N/ARoute 460 and Alt. Route 220 Intersection ImprovementsRoanoke Co.
N/AChaparral Drive Pedestrian ImprovementsRoanoke Co.
N/AWest Main Street Pedestrian Improvements, Phase 3Roanoke Co.
N/AWalrond Drive Multimodal Improvements from Plantation Road to Walrond ParkRoanoke Co.
N/APlantation Road at Food Lion/Walmart near Hollins Road Safety ImprovementsRoanoke Co.
N/ARoute 460 at Dow Hollow Road Intersection ImprovementsRoanoke Co.
N/AGlade Creek Greenway at Vinyard Park WestRoanoke Co./Vinton
N/AWashington Avenue Corridor StudyRoanoke Co./ Vinton
N/ARoute 419 Corridor StudyRoanoke Co./City of Salem/City of Roanoke
N/AI-81 Corridor Improvements Exit 137 to 128 southboundMulti-Jurisdiction
N/AVinyard Road Corridor Improvement ProjectTown of Vinton
N/AVinyard Road Roadway ExtensionTown of Vinton
N/ATraffic Lights Replacements and SynchronizationTown of Vinton
N/AWalnut Avenue SidewalkTown of Vinton
N/ASpruce Street/East Virginia AvenueTown of Vinton
N/AVirginia Avenue / Hardy Road Corridor Improvement ProjectTown of Vinton
N/APedestrian Connections from Downtown Vinton to River Park Shopping CenterTown of Vinton
N/AGarthright Bridge rehabilitationTown of Vinton

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Newly Released US Census Bureau Data Shows Continued Growth in Roanoke Metropolitan Statistical Area

Aug 12, 2021
An initial analysis of data released today by the U.S. Census bureau showed continued population growth in the Roanoke Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), which includes the counties of Botetourt, Craig, Franklin, and Roanoke, and the cities of Roanoke and Salem. According to the 2020 census, population in the MSA grew 2.1% over the previous decade. Statewide, population increased by 7.9%, which represents a lower growth rate than the previous 2000-2010 Census.

“We’re pleased to see that the region continues to grow,” says Matt Miller, Director of Information Services for the Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission, who performed the analysis. “And while the growth rate was lower than in previous years, this tracks with trends we are seeing nationally.”

The City of Roanoke, with a 3.1% growth rate, saw its population increase to over 100,000 for the first time since the 1980 Census. At 4.9%, Roanoke County saw the largest population growth of the jurisdictions covered by the Commission. Overall, the Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission area – which stretches from Franklin County to Alleghany County – saw a growth of 1.6%.

“Overall, this data affirms trends we’ve seen the last few decades,” added Miller. “Small but consistent growth in our urban areas, and loss of population in our rural counties, cities, and towns.”

While more data is expected to be released by the Census, these population estimates will be used in the near term to help governments redraw local, congressional, and state legislative districts.
Table Caption: Population change data in Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission jurisdictions
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Job Announcement

Jun 22, 2021

The Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission is seeking a energetic, passionate, and public-minded professional to serve as the Director of RIDE Solutions, the Commission’s commuter assistance and active transportation program.  As Director of RIDE Solutions, candidates will manage the multi-regional commuter assistance program applying creative marketing, public outreach, event management, and other strategies to educate and encourage drivers to switch from single-occupant vehicles (SOVs) to high-occupant vehicle modes (HOVs) such as transit, vanpool, bicycle, walking, and carpool.  Successful candidates will show expertise in developing, deploying, and measuring successful behavior change marketing campaigns, working with diverse constituents and organizations to identify needs and develop appropriate services, and will demonstrate knowledge and enthusiasm for the ability of mobility and transportation choice to transform communities, neighborhoods, and individuals.  Candidates should also be familiar with the ways that historical mode-specific investments have shaped the physical form of our communities and supported or limited the opportunities of diverse populations with those communities.

The Director of RIDE Solutions will be responsible for managing and growing the program capacity, including increasing the capacity of RIDE Solutions to deliver services in the realm of commuter services, mobility and safety.  As a Director-level position within the Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission, the Director of RIDE Solutions will also be responsible for setting and meeting the RIDE Solutions budget, managing and evaluating staff, including one direct staff report, participating in regional projects and planning efforts, increase the Commission’s capacity to deliver relevant services to our local governments, and will be a responsible and knowledgeable representative of the Commission to the public and our stakeholders.

Director of RIDE Solutions–Full Job Description

To apply:  Interested professionals should email a resume, cover letter, and three professional references to sdean@rvarc.org by Friday, July 9th.  The position is open until filled, with the first round of review beginning Monday, July 12th.  Please note that only electronic submittals will be accepted.


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