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    To be a regional leader in driving collaboration and strategy within our communities on issues that are critical to the economic growth, quality of life and sustainability of this region.

  • Planning

    The Regional Commission helps local governments address regionally significant issues with planning designed to enhance our region’s infrastructure, promote our region’s economic growth, and improve and sustain our region’s quality of life. 

  • Transportation

    The Regional Commission provides long-range transportation planning for the Roanoke Valley and rural localities within our region. Regionally coordinated approaches to planning and developing our region’s transportation infrastructure is central to the mobility of our citizens and supporting businesses that rely on logistics and supply chain management.

Serving its member governments for 50 years

Roanoke Valley Transportation Planning Organization Seeks Public Comment on an Amendment to the FY2021-2024 Transportation Improvement Program

Jun 16, 2021

The Roanoke Valley Transportation Planning Organization (RVTPO) is accepting comments on an amendment to the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) to include a new project receiving Federal Transit Administration funds of $119,008 for Roanoke County to operate its CORTRAN service for seniors and people with disabilities next year. The Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation has recommended this project for its FY2022-2027 Six-Year Improvement Program.

Comments will be accepted until June 23, 2021 and a hearing will be held at 1:00 pm on June 24, 2021 in an online meeting. Visit the website www.rvarc.org for information on how to participate. For more information on this amendment contact Bryan Hill at (540) 343-4417 or E-mail: bhill@rvarc.org.

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Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission Names Jeremy Holmes as Next Executive Director

Jun 01, 2021

The Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission announced today that Jeremy Holmes has been named the new Executive Director. Holmes follows Wayne Strickland, who retires June 30th after 42 years with the Regional Commission.

Holmes has served as director of the Commission’s RIDE Solutions Commuter Assistance Program for the past fifteen years and in January of 2020 became the Commission’s Associate Executive Director. In addition to his leadership of the RIDE Solutions program, Holmes has been involved in a number of regional community advocacy efforts, including the Roanoke Valley Cool Cities Coalition, the Greater Roanoke Valley Asthma and Air Quality Coalition, Roanoke Valley Reads, and Healthy Roanoke Valley. Holmes holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from Roanoke College and a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from Hollins University.

“I am thrilled and honored with the trust the Commission’s Board has placed in me,” Holmes said. “As the region emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, this period before us presents not just the promise of recovery from the worst of its impacts, but a once-in-a-generation opportunity to tap into resources for growth in areas like expanding broadband access, enhancing our regional transportation system, and promoting regional economic growth. I am excited at the chance to serve the region’s local governments in achieving these goals.”

Vinton Mayor Bradley Grose, Chairman of the Regional Commission and the Search Committee to hire a new Executive Director, said, “The committee members were impressed by Jeremy’s understanding of regional issues and priorities and his passion for the work.” The search committee conducted interviews after the announcement of Strickland’s retirement in March. The committee made their recommendation to the Executive Committee at their May 13thmeeting, who then made their recommendation to the full Board today. The Board voted unanimously to name Holmes to the position.

Holmes plans to focus his first several months on the job in assisting localities and other regional organizations to take advantage of the many funding opportunities being made as a result of the American Recovery Act and related COVID-recovery programs at the federal and state level.

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Roanoke Valley Greenway Commission hiring Greenway Coordinator

May 24, 2021

The Roanoke Valley Greenway Commission has posted the following job opportunity for a new Roanoke Valley Greenway Coordinator.  See the full job description and application information here:


The Coordinator serves as staff to the Roanoke Valley Greenway Commission (Commission) and reports to its Executive Committee.  The Coordinator performs complex, multi-level and cross-functional professional and administrative work coordinating the development of a comprehensive greenway and trail system in the Roanoke Valley with the member localities. The position manages regional planning, coordination, and implementation processes for greenways and trails. The Coordinator represents the Commission to the public and the media and serves as a liaison to the member localities, including Roanoke County, the City of Roanoke, the City of Salem, Botetourt County, and the Town of Vinton, and to agencies and partners, such as Pathfinders for Greenways. Performs other duties as assigned.

Please note, there are 4 supplemental questions that must be answered and included with your application. 


•    Promotes greenway and trail development in the Valley, working from the Goals, Objectives, and Strategies outlined in the Intergovernmental Agreement and in the Roanoke Valley Conceptual Greenway Plan, as amended, under the direction of the Commission and in consultation with the member localities.
•    Coordinates Commission functions in accordance with the bylaws and Intergovernmental Agreement in collaboration with the Executive Committee and Commission.
•    Serves as a liaison to the member localities, including staff and elected officials; represents the Commission at Council/Board meetings.
•    Coordinates the volunteer work of Pathfinders for Greenways and other volunteer organizations, including design, compliance, funding and locality approvals of projects.
•    Coordinates and manages volunteers for work on trail building, greenway amenities, and maintenance projects.
•    Represents the Commission to local, state, federal and not-for-profit agencies and organizations involved with greenways, blueways, tourism, transportation, open space and natural resource issues.
•    Represents the Commission at meetings and conferences providing information regarding the status of the greenway system, financing, and technical design issues; prepares written and/or oral reports for presentation to a variety of individuals and groups.
•    Writes grants and applications and assists in finding funding, including in-kind contribution sources, for greenway construction and various greenway projects and events.
•    Serves as spokesperson for the Commission with respect to inquiries from the public and the press, including presentations to groups and partners.
•    Coordinates an annual audit and develops an annual report for presentation to member localities and other agencies.
•    Prepares and manages budget processes, performs accounting documentation and ensures compliance with procurement regulations of the fiscal agent.
•    Responsible for correspondence and record-keeping for the Commission.
•    Assists and advises the Commission, participating localities and other government entities with planning/funding/design/development of greenways and other trails.
•    Manages periodic updates to the regional Greenway Plan.
•    Coordinates development of the greenway and trails system with locality staff, elected officials, volunteers and other partners.
•    Coordinates with Pathfinders for Greenways and other volunteer organizations on projects, fundraising, meetings, volunteers and equipment.
•    Represents the Commission on the Transportation Technical Committee, Pathfinders for Greenways and other local and state outdoor, conservation and transportation-related organizations.
•    Performs outreach and educational activities regarding greenways and trails.
•    Coordinates with Commission committees to achieve goals in marketing, public relations, special events, standards, and fundraising.

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