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Jobs & Internships

Learn about our programs and economic impact, join our community initiatives, and let’s create a brighter future together

Employment/Job Opportunities

  • Regional Planner II- Senior: Economic and Community Development

    Roanoke, VA 24016 |
    Full Time
  • Regional Planner I-III: GIS, Demography, and Data Analyst

    Roanoke, VA 24016 |
    Full Time
  • Regional Planner I: Resiliency and Environmental Planner

    Roanoke, VA 24016 |
    Full Time
  • RVARC Internship Program 2023: Shaping the Future of Regional Planning

    Roanoke, VA 24016 |
    Full Time

Internship & Volunteer Program

Engage in meaningful work with RVARC’s Internship and Volunteer Program. Gain hands-on experience in regional planning, environmental resources, community development, and more. Our program offers flexible hours, academic credit, and valuable networking opportunities. Ideal for students and individuals eager to contribute to the Roanoke Valley’s growth and development. Apply now to start your journey in public service and regional planning

Types of Internships and Volunteer Opportunities

Academic and special project (thesis, research, capstone project, etc.) internships and volunteer opportunities are available for students from a range of academic majors and/or skill sets. Note: Academic credit internships are based on academic institution and/or department requirements and the intern is responsible for completing all requisite administrative items.

Internship and/or Volunteer Projects and Duties

Specific duties and assignments will be based on intern’s/individual’s area(s) of interest/expertise and the Regional Commission’s Work Program. An overview of programs, projects, and activities is in the Regional Commission’s

Work Hours and Office Location

Work hours are flexible and based on the intern’s or volunteer’s schedule, academic institution requirements for academic or other credit, and the timetable of various projects in which the intern or volunteer will be participating. Regional Commission office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The Regional Commission is located at 313 Luck Avenue, SW, Roanoke VA 24016

Benefits of an Internship with the Regional Commission

  • Opportunity to work on a range of projects and activities with a multidisciplinary staff
  • Valuable work experience
  • Research opportunities
  • Academic credit
  • Compensation for student internships
  • Networking opportunities
  • New skills development
  • Flexible work schedule