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Our Team

Welcome to the epicenter of regional transformation – the Staff Directory of the Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission. Our team, a blend of planners, developers, and administrators, are the driving force behind our region’s progress. Their collective expertise in urban development, environmental planning, and community engagement shapes the trajectory of our region. They are not just staff but visionaries and implementers of strategies that enhance the quality of life in our communities, making our region a model of sustainable and inclusive development.

Jeremy Holmes

Executive Director

Jeremy, as the Executive Director, manages essential functions such as budget forecasting, contract oversight, accounting, grant administration, personnel management, insurance, and procurement. His expertise ensures the organization's seamless and effective operations.

Sherry Dean

Director of Finance

Sherry manages a multifaceted portfolio, overseeing budgetary forecasting, contracts, accounting, accounts payable/receivable, grants management, personnel administration, insurance, and procurement. Her adept handling of these responsibilities ensures the organization's smooth financial and operational functions.

Andrea Garland

Andrea Garland

Director of RIDE Solutions

Andrea oversees a dynamic program dedicated to advancing sustainable transportation across multiple regions. She manages all aspects of the RIDE Solutions program while also spearheading the implementation of a robust air quality improvement plan. Andrea plays an instrumental role in crafting innovative transportation solutions that reduce emissions and foster healthier communities.

Robert Natt

Director of Roanoke Valley Collective Response

Robert spearheads strategic efforts to address substance use disorders in the Roanoke Valley-Alleghany region. He provides oversight and management for critical initiatives including implementing a Peer Recovery Network. Robert partners with localities across the region to identify and respond to recovery and reintegration needs surrounding housing, transportation, workforce development, and other support services.

Tori Williams

Director of Transportation

As the Director of Transportation; Tori is responsible for oversight on transportation funding programs, including the STBG, CRP, and TAP sub-allocation programs and at the state level, SMART SCALE grants. He also monitors state and federal transportation legislation to assess their impact on the region and to identify potential funding opportunities. Finally, Tori works collaboratively with stakeholders on regional, multi-modal transportation planning efforts designed to drive economic growth, enhance safety, and adapt to the changing demands of a mobile society.

Amanda McGee

Director of Community Development, AICP

Amanda is responsible for long-term community and environmental planning. This includes updating regional greenway and blueway plans to align with future growth and usage projections, while taking into account shifting recreation activity needs. She also serves as a key technical advisor regarding emerging issues at the intersection of land use, conservation, and recreation. Amanda is additionally tasked with conducting in-depth demographic data analysis to inform planning decisions.

Bryan W. Hill

AICP, CZA, Regional Planner III

Bryan manages the Housing Development Program and develops studies, plans, and programs related to transportation, community development, and homelessness assistance for the region, including overseeing the Transportation Improvement Program, SMART SCALE grants, and providing staff support to the Blue Ridge Interagency Council on Homelessness.

Elizabeth Elmore

Public Engagement Manager

Elizabeth Elmore oversees the strategic development and distribution of outreach publications, press releases, social media content, and events coordination to promote awareness and drive community participation. She manages timelines, work plans, and collaboration across internal teams and external partners executing public involvement projects applied across print, digital media, and in-person forums.

Bailey Helgeson

Registered C.P.R.S., Recovery Community Engagement Lead

Bailey's responsibilities focus on continued development and administration of the Peer Recovery Network across the Roanoke Valley Collective Response's regional jurisdiction. Specific tasks include securing and managing related SAMHSA grants to support operations, planning and facilitating comprehensive REVIVE! overdose response training sessions for local partners, and designing as well as implementing formal mentorship opportunities to promote leadership growth among peers.

Virginia Mullen

Office Manager

Virginia is responsible for providing comprehensive administrative support to all staff members, maintaining office calendars, scheduling meetings/events, and coordinating logistics for relevant office activities across the Regional Commission, Roanoke Valley Transportation Planning Organization, Western Virginia Regional Industrial Facility Authority, and Transportation Technical Committee.

Alison Stinnette

Transportation Planner I

Alison reviews key transportation programs and funding allocations to ensure alignment and provide feedback while assisting long-range accessibility planning efforts through data research. She also oversees public communications and equity compliance reporting as Title VI Manager and takes the lead on equity and inclusion training and compliance for the department.

Jonathan Stanton

Transportation Planner II

Jonathan directs planning initiatives promoting nonmotorized regional transportation through usage data collection, funding identification, and bicycle/pedestrian infrastructure expansion while supporting broader transportation research and geospatial data analysis. He also maintains the congestion and rural transportation plans.