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Energy Initiatives

Save a Ton: Roanoke's Energy Initiative

The Save a Ton program, initiated by the Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission and other agencies, is a multifaceted campaign aimed at promoting energy conservation and efficiency in the Roanoke and New River valleys. It combines practical advice, community engagement, and environmental stewardship to help residents in the Roanoke and New River valleys save money and reduce their energy consumption, contributing to the overall well-being of the region. The program was designed to assist residents in saving money on energy costs through various practical and easy-to-implement methods.

Eco-Savings in Roanoke

The Save a Ton campaign is not only about saving money; it also emphasizes the importance of conserving energy to preserve the region’s natural resources and improve the quality of life. The program’s objectives align with broader environmental goals, such as reducing community-wide carbon dioxide emissions. For instance, Roanoke County and the City of Roanoke have set targets to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 3 and 2 percent, respectively, which translates to a reduction of about 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually.