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Transportation Plans & Studies

Multimodal Approach

The Roanoke Valley Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (RVTPO) offers comprehensive transportation plans and studies, addressing various aspects of transportation in the Roanoke Valley. These documents include the Roanoke Valley Regional Transportation Safety Study, Bikeway Plan, Traffic Congestion Management Process, and Vision 2040 for multimodal transportation. Additionally, there are plans focused on pedestrian vision, transportation project prioritization for economic development, a transit vision plan, rural transit feasibility, and the Transportation Improvement Program. These studies and plans collectively aim to enhance transportation efficiency, safety, and sustainability in the region.


Bikeway Plan for the Roanoke Valley Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
Traffic Congestion Management Process
Constrained Long-Range Multimodal Transportation Plan: “Vision 2040: Roanoke Valley Transportation”
Public Participation Plan (RVTPO)
Regional Pedestrian Vision Plan for the Roanoke Valley
Regional Study on Transportation Project Prioritization for Economic Development and Growth
Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) FY21-24