Federal Carbon Reduction Program

Carbon Reduction Program Project Development Strategy and Selection Procedures (coming soon)

The Roanoke Valley Transportation Planning Organization (RVTPO) is a federally mandated transportation policy board comprised of representatives from local, state, and federal governments, transit agencies, and other stakeholders and is responsible for transportation planning and programming for the Roanoke Valley Urbanized Area.  This area is comprised of the Cities of Roanoke and Salem; the Town of Vinton and portions of the Counties of Bedford, Botetourt, and Roanoke.

The Carbon Reduction Program (CRP) Purpose:

The purpose of the Carbon Reduction Program (CRP) is to reduce transportation emissions through the development of State carbon reduction strategies and by funding projects designed to reduce transportation emissions. 

  • Incorporated into federal Law through the IIJA.
  • Development of a state Carbon Reduction Strategy is required by 11/15/2023.
  • MPOs encouraged to obligate CRP funding towards projects that help implement Virginia’s Carbon Reduction Strategy.
  • RVTPO staff will develop a Carbon Reduction Strategy, to be incorporated in the Roanoke Valley Transportation Plan at a future date. 

Anticipated Schedule for CRP & STBG Round 6: 2024-2025

Applications will open on Monday, July 3rd, 2023. Link for project application and submission is coming soon.



FY22-24 CRP Financial Plan (Approved April 27, 2023)

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