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Indices and Indicators

Assessing Regional Trends

Discover comprehensive insights into Virginia’s living and economic conditions. This page offers valuable tools for understanding regional disparities in living standards, including housing, transportation, and overall living costs.

It’s a crucial resource for residents, families, and policymakers for effective financial planning and policy development. It facilitates informed decision-making by providing essential data on income requirements for different family structures and life costs across Virginia’s diverse regions.

The content serves as a guide for individuals and families in planning their finances according to regional economic realities. For policymakers and planners, it offers essential data for formulating policies that address the unique needs of different communities within the state.

Resource List

Housing Virginia Housing Affordability Index Sourcebook

Housing + Transportation Affordability Index

Community Indicators and Profiles (Council of Community Services)

Cost of Living Index (COLI)

Family Budget Calculator – Economic Policy Institute

Living Wage Calculator – Massachusetts Institute of Technology