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Local and Regional Resources

Regional Funds: Building Futures

Local and regional funds and grants are essential for driving community growth and development. These resources play a pivotal role in supporting a wide range of projects, from infrastructure improvements to enhancing public health services. Key areas where these funds make an impact include:

  • Infrastructure Development: These funds help in constructing and updating essential infrastructure, supporting the growth of thriving communities.
  • Economic Growth: They stimulate economic development by supporting small businesses, creating jobs, and initiating other economic projects.
  • Public Health: A portion of these funds is directed toward improving public health services and launching health programs.
  • Quality of Life: Grants also focus on enhancing community living standards through support for public spaces, recreational facilities, and cultural initiatives.
  • Agricultural and Food Systems: Programs like the USDA’s Local Agriculture Market Program, with a budget of $133 million, aim to expand local food systems and support regional food economies​​​.
  • Environmental and Nutrition Programs: They include environmental sustainability and nutrition initiatives, like agro-forestry and food security programs​.

Resource List

Roanoke Entrepreneur Hub

Nonprofit Resource Center for Southwest Virginia

The Alleghany Foundation

Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia