The food system is an integral part of our local economy and social fabric, and where we get our food has local, national, and global effects on our environment as well. The Regional Commission strives to support our regional food system through the following activities.


The Regional Commission developed the 2020 Roanoke Valley Local Food Plan to help promote and expand the existing food infrastructure within the greater Roanoke Valley and surrounding areas with expected outcomes of stimulating economic development, improving area livability, preserving existing natural resources, and increasing food access. For more information, please contact Amanda McGee at or 540.343.4417, or visit the plan webpage. For more information about past Local Food activities and resources, please scroll down.

Roanoke Foodshed Network

The Regional Commission is collaborating with regional food stakeholders as part of the Roanoke Foodshed Network. To learn more about this organization, join the Mighty Network platform or visit the webpage.

“Roanoke Local” Regional Food & Agriculture Report

The “Roanoke Local” Regional Food & Agriculture Report, prepared by Liza Dobson for the Local Environmental Agriculture Project (LEAP) and Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission (RVARC) Regional Local Food Stakeholder Group was presented in December 2016. The report includes sections on the “Roanoke Local” Program and Region, Production, Processing and Distribution, Access, and Recommendations and Suggested Projects.

City of Roanoke Food Access Assessment

Aiming to provide an evaluation of the food access issues in the City of Roanoke, this report incorporates information from RVARC, the USDA, local organizations, and the Census Bureau. Data is represented in a series of maps, tables, and figures which explore issues of geographic, informational, economic, and social barriers to accessing fresh, healthy, and nutritious food.

Local Food and Agriculture Resources

Please follow this link for more local food and agriculture research and resources.


If you are interested in learning more about Local Food efforts, please contact the Regional Commission at 540.343.4417 or Se puede hablar español.

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