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This is the third and final blog in our series of blog posts concerning regional traffic congestion spots.

The first two can be found here and here. This post asks you to tell us what type of congestion (rush hour, construction or other) irritates you the most and what you would do about it.

Regional planners are working on the region’s first ever Congestion Management Process (CMP) Plan; the Plan is a new Federal requirement because Roanoke’s urbanized area went over 200,000 in population. This new requirement is an opportunity to try to get a handle on congestion before it gets really irritating. If the region is successful, 20 years from now residents will still feel that congestion isn’t that bad in Roanoke.

Staff has been taking “congestion snapshots” using Google Traffic in the morning, lunch, early afternoon (first shift) and afternoon (rush hour) for several months. The four images presented here are congestion spots that recur on multiple occasions: 1) Grandin and Brandon near Patrick Henry HS, 2) Exit 150, Route 11 and Alternate 220 3) Orange Avenue, and 4) Route 220 around Hunting Hills toward Clearbrook towards Franklin County.

So, which type of congestion is the most irritating? Is it the school and urban neighborhood related congestion of Grandin/Brandon? Is it the interstate related congestion of Exit 150? Is it the urban thoroughfare and traffic lights related congestion of Orange Avenue? Or, is it the Big Box Shopping related congestion of Tanglewood, Hunting Hills and Clearbrook? Please use the comment box below to tell us which type of congestion is most irritating and why?

Blog #10 - Image 3 - Orange Avenue

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Blog #10 - Image 1 - Grandin and Brandon

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Blog #10 - Image 4 - Hunting Hills toward Clearbrook

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Blog #10 - Image 2 - Exit 150

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