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Tori Williams joins the Regional Commission and the Roanoke Valley Transportation Planning Organization to lead its urban and rural mobility planning and implementation programs.

ROANOKE, VA (10/09/23) – The Regional Commission is pleased to announce that Tori Williams has accepted the position of Director of Transportation Planning.  In this position, Mr. Williams will lead both the urban transportation planning and programming work carried out by the RVTPO, as well as planning and funding research for the entire Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission service area.  Tori will work to convene regional, state, and federal partners around opportunities to facilitate the implementation of the region’s diverse transportation needs, including efforts from I-81 lane additions to expansions of the region’s greenway network.

“We are thrilled to have someone with Tori’s experience and knowledge at the Commission,” said Regional Commission Executive Director Jeremy Holmes.  “Tori brings a deep understanding of how policy functions in the Commonwealth, including the complex set of policies and revenue streams like SMART SCALE that drive the success of our infrastructure program.”

Mr. Williams has extensive experience working in the region and with regional organizations.  Most recently with Virginia Tech as a Policy and Planning Manager, he has also spent time as a planner with Roanoke County and the VP of Public Policy with the Roanoke Regional Chamber.

“I am excited to continue the collaborative work with our stakeholders to envision and build a world-class transportation network which will attract investment and enhance the quality of life in our region.”

The Regional Commission has several more positions it will be seeking to fill soon, and will be posted to the website once they open.