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The Roanoke Valley Area MetropolitanTIP15-18 Cover Page Planning Organization is giving the public an opportunity to request, review, read, and comment on the draft Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for Fiscal Years 2015-2018 for the Roanoke Valley Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, available at  Click the Draft FY2015-2018 TIP image to the right to review the draft document.  

For convenience, you may provide comments on the Draft TIP by clicking here and submitting your comments to us online.  

For more information and to view the currently adopted FY12-15 document, visit the TIP page on the MPO website.

The public comment period will be in effect for no fewer than 45 days from the publication of this notice.  An official “Public Hearing” will be held after the public comment period has elapsed.  This Public Hearing will be duly advertised according to applicable laws.  For special accommodations or further information, contact Bryan Hill, Phone:  540-343-4417, Fax:  540-343-4416 or E-mail:  Hearing impaired persons can call 711 for access.   Thank you for your comments and participation in the Transportation Improvement Program update process!

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  • H says:

    Charlotte is awesome and growing. New job opportunities and smart housing abound. No complaints except for traffic congestion. Even ‘new’ interchanges, bypasses and beltways are congested with traffic that is four to six lanes wide and choked with crawling autos. They procrastinated about city metro design and build too late.

    Take note Roanoke; if you are successful with your economic development and transportation planning, layout the metro or light rail now! The youth of today and tomorrow are and will continue to drive less due to aggressive road habits, automotive repairs approaching $100 an hour and examples of repair cost examples like broken heater vents under the dash that cost $1,500 to fix.

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