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Bus-Roanoke 2

Buses, transit, public transportation;
Connecting parts but not enough of our region.

Imagine the future where service abounds
My ride is coming, not a long wait.
See a friend, how have you been?
See another, a new connection,
Nice to meet you, let’s talk again.
Time on my hands to read, text, and relax.
Drop me off, no need to park.
A breath of fresh air,
A short walk,
A smile and hello,
A refreshing energy to my day.

The opportunity has been there for 2 ½ years to provide input;
Citizens young, citizens old, Citizens employed by transit,
Citizens who take transit a lot, some or not.
Thank you to more than 4,000 who have contributed.

Guided by stakeholders who value transit as a means to support:
Businesses, Neighborhoods, Economic growth, Opportunities,
Personal development, Health, Independence,
Clean air and water, Intentional land development.
A care for others,
and an option for oneself.

Transit stands instrumental to a livable future in the Roanoke Valley.
The time is now to invest in our future;
The time is now to grow strongly not stiflingly;
The time is now to be unlike any other place to live.
We are the heart of Virginia’s Blue Ridge.

Review the Roanoke Valley Transit Vision Plan by Friday, May 27 (

Talk with staff about the draft at the Commission’s Annual Open House on May 9, 2016 or send your feedback to Cristina Finch at

Your input is important to the future of the Valley!

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